Partial GMP-CS-LBP Face Recognition using Image Subblocks

Soodeh Nikan, Majid Ahmadi
Proposed face recognition in this paper is a block based approach. Gabor magnitude-phase centrally symmetric local binary pattern (GMP-CS-LBP) has been used to extract directional texture characteristics of face at different spatial frequencies. CS-LBP is applied on the sub-blocks of magnitude and phase responses of Gabor images. Sparse classifier is employed as local classifier to find the sub-blocks class labels. We have evaluated the performance of the proposed algorithm on AR and ORL
more » ... n AR and ORL databases. In real world scenarios, partial face images are available to recognize the identity of an unknown individual. By comparing the recognition accuracy on the recognition results of image sub-blocks, we find the location and size of the most effective face sub-region for identification. Moreover, fusion of image sub-blocks at decision level leads to significantly improved recognition accuracy.