Simulation Analysis on the Influence of Non-monochromatic Light on the Visibility of Michelson's Interference Fringes Based on MATLAB

2019 JCBPSC  
Based on the interference theory of light, the influence of the light source's non-monochromaticity on the visibility of Michelson's equal inclination interference fringe is analyzed. The Matlab is used to simulate the numerical simulation and experimental simulation of the equal inclination interference fringe visibility. The visualized visual image is used to visualize the abstract temporal coherence theory. At the same time, it has certain guiding significance for the theoretical teaching
more » ... retical teaching and practical application of Michelson interferometer.
doi:10.24214/jcbps.c.9.1.02228 fatcat:7rfu6dykmbdebomwifsw5nhmhm