Perinatal diagnosis and therapy

2009 Journal of Perinatal Medicine  
HELLP Sy is a form of severe preeclampsia, found in 4-12% of pregnant women suffering from this clinical condition. The syndrome consists of the following triad: Haemolysis, Elevated liver enzymes and Low platelets. The HELLP syndrome can be found isolated or accompanied with all symptoms of the EPH complex. Aim: The aim of this study is to present a case of appropriately and in due time diagnosed and treated HELLP syndrome in primigravida carrying twins. Case study: A twenty-nine year old
more » ... gravida carrying twins was examined. She was in the 25 th week of gestation and was admitted to hospital due to pain in the epigastrium and right subcostal area, accompanied with nausea and vomiting. The patients BP was 140/100mmHg, and the laboratory test Results proved anaemia (Hb=86g/L, RBC=3.13x1012/L, Hct=0.27); thrombocytopenia (PLT=80 000/mm³); elevated liver enzymes (ALT=144 IU/L, AST=215 IU/ L). The patient was transmitted to the Clinic for Gynecology and Obstetrics where the pregnancy was terminated. The decision was made upon the severe clinical condition and the fact that twin pregnancy in early week of gestation was in question.. Conclusion: Symptoms found in HELLP syndrome are non-specific, thus it can often be misdiagnosed with hepatitis, atrophia flava hepatis, purpura thrombocytopenica and syndroma haemorhagicum. Therefore it is important to recognize the symptoms of the HELLP syndrome as soon as possible, and if needed to terminate the pregnancy in due time. All these measures help prevent hepatic coma development and patient's exitus
doi:10.1515/jpme.2009.722 fatcat:3zm2gcizsvcenas7dhlmnmpr2i