Leveraging DistilBERT for Summarizing Arabic Text: An Extractive Dual-stage Approach

Abdullah Alshanqiti, Abdallah Namoun, Aeshah Alsughayyir, Aisha AlMashreqi, Abdul Rehman Gilal, Sami Albouq
2021 IEEE Access  
Towards tackling the phenomenon of textual information overload that is exponentially pumping with redundancy over the Internet, this paper investigates a solution depending on the Automatic Text Summarization (ATS) method. The idea of ATS is to assist, e.g., online readers, in getting a simplified version of texts for preserving their time/effort required to skim a given large body of text. However, ATS is deemed as one of the most complex NLP applications, particularly for the Arabic language
more » ... that has not been intelligently developed like the other Indo-European languages. Thus, we present an extractivebased summarizer (ArDBertSum) for text written in Arabic, relying on the DistilBERT model. Besides, we propose a domain-specific sentence-clauses segmentater (SCSAR) to support our ArDBertSum in further shortening long/complex sentences. The results of our experiments illustrate that our ArDBertSum yields the best performance, compared with non-heuristic Arabic summarizers, in producing an acceptable quality of candidate summaries. These experiments have been conducted on EASC-dataset (along with our proposed dataset) to report on (1) a statistical evaluation utilizing ROUGE metrics and (2) a specific human-based evaluation. The human evaluation results revealed promising perceptions; however, further works are needed to ameliorate the coherence and punctuation of the automatic summaries.
doi:10.1109/access.2021.3113256 fatcat:iinutizwkna5jns2w2wgoxhelq