SE-IYOLOV3: An Accurate Small Scale Face Detector for Outdoor Security

Zhenrong Deng, Rui Yang, Rushi Lan, Zhenbing Liu, Xiaonan Luo
2020 Mathematics  
Small scale face detection is a very difficult problem. In order to achieve a higher detection accuracy, we propose a novel method, termed SE-IYOLOV3, for small scale face in this work. In SE-IYOLOV3, we improve the YOLOV3 first, in which the anchorage box with a higher average intersection ratio is obtained by combining niche technology on the basis of the k-means algorithm. An upsampling scale is added to form a face network structure that is suitable for detecting dense small scale faces.
more » ... number of prediction boxes is five times more than the YOLOV3 network. To further improve the detection performance, we adopt the SENet structure to enhance the global receptive field of the network. The experimental results on the WIDERFACEdataset show that the IYOLOV3 network embedded in the SENet structure can significantly improve the detection accuracy of dense small scale faces.
doi:10.3390/math8010093 fatcat:krm7m7mynbgrlb3d3n2cqhrzba