On Research IoT-based Intelligent Parking Management System and Its Design

Xu Zhiqing, He Jialiang, Li Haidong
2016 International Journal of Smart Home  
With the rapid economic development and constant social advancement in our country, people's production and lifestyle are undergoing profound changes, consequently resulting in traffic jams and increasingly severe challenges on the limited parking resources. How to enhance the utilization of parking places has been an important problem influencing city image and the harmonious economic and social development. This paper introduces a Internet of Things (IoT)-based intelligent parking management
more » ... ystem, innovatively proposes a non-source RFID card that utilizes label and sensor binding to actualize vehicle identification and to accomplish functions of vehicle entrance & exit authentication, automatic charging, and parking lot certification, eventually further enhancing the utilization, traffic efficiency and service level of parking places. Internet of things was formally proposed on World Summit on Information Society WSIS held in as early as in 2005. [5] Internet of Things is the Internet connecting things together, which can be understood as a network adding a variety of information sensor devices to the traditional Internet to actualize intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, monitoring and management of objects according to agreed protocols. It is an important component to the new-generation information technology. [6] The present communication network mainly addresses the communication among people. Internet is for the man-man communication, while the future Internet of things focuses on the man-man, man-machine, man-object, and object-object communication and dialog. [7] Information technology development contributes to great improvement in man-man communication, information storage and processing, and reconstructs the methods and forms of human relation generation. Internet of Things actualized the integration of human society and physical system, and real-time read and control of man, machines, devices and infrastructures in the integrated network, sense information gathering to cloud computation-based data storage, process and integration platform, accordingly supports to better development of traffic intelligent management and control. Application innovation is the core of Internet of things, while innovation 2.0 centered by user experience is the soul of Internet of things. As the next new strategic industry with trillions RMB scale, Internet of things is entering a new stage of in-depth application and becoming the pilot area for constructing new social and economic development modes and building long-term national competitiveness. [8] end management, support front-end stand-alone off-grid run, support gate manual intervention quick management, designed with temporary parking management module, equipped with driver management and authorization module, and interface mode with video system, as well as management module for exit system intervention.
doi:10.14257/ijsh.2016.10.5.20 fatcat:b2p3vi7it5c53atmbj7lib5tbu