Structural study of large scale KDP crystals using high energy X-ray diffraction

Audrey Surmin, François Guillet, Sébastien Lambert, David Damiani, Matthieu Pommiès, Gregory J. Exarhos, Arthur H. Guenther, Keith L. Lewis, Detlev Ristau, M.J. Soileau, Christopher J. Stolz
2005 Laser-Induced Damage in Optical Materials: 2005  
Transient numerical calculations were carried out to predict the evolution of temperature and thermal stress in traditionally grown large-size KDP crystals during the removal process, considering two methods that are used to accomplish the crystal extraction. The influence of the crystal size and the difference of temperature between the crystal and environment on the stresses inside the KDP crystals were also investigated in detail. Results indicate that, in both processes of isolating
more » ... f isolating crystals, the highest stress transfers from the crystal periphery to the internal part from the early to the later time stage. In the case of extracting the crystal from solution directly after crystallization and exposing to air, the maximum stress at the crystal periphery is larger than that inside the crystal, and the probability of failure from the outside surface of crystals is large. In the case of retaining the solution for a time after crystallization, the maximum stress in the crystal internal region is larger than that of the crystal surface, leading to a large possibility to originate cracks in the inner region. Both increased crystal sizes and increased temperature differences between the crystals and the environment at the end of crystal growth are factors which aggravate crystal cracking. The maximum stress in crystals in the case of retaining the solution is less than that in the case of extracting the solution, which brings about a decreased likelihood of cracking. Thus, retaining solution for a period of time after the growth is completed, such as 96 h, is suggested to be adopted to accomplish successful crystal extraction.
doi:10.1117/12.638561 fatcat:m5ff2p7bhfchfiuqfohf5hg4ai