Edward Evans, R.L. Hooper, J.W. Jones, J. Coulthred, J. Ravis, J. Cox, G. Simmons, W. Eales, G. Skrimshire, J. Gellatly, J. Taylor, J. Howell (+1 others)
1832 The Lancet  
794 terwards introduced by the latter gentleman, whereby all officers, soldiers, seamen, and marines, who had served his Majesty during the war, were to be allowed to carry on their profession, trade, or occupation, in any part of his Majesty's dominions, with. out let or hindrance, from any corporation br corporate body whatsoever, always savin" and excepting the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. The title or preamble of the Bill I do not recollect, but I am sure it is to be found.
doi:10.1016/s0140-6736(02)82856-2 fatcat:ycr5ddbsunal5mdhyiybckqyze