The Vietnam War, the Church, the Christian Democratic Party and the Italian Left Catholics

Daniela Saresella
2018 Social Sciences  
Over the years of the Cold War, the conflict in Vietnam assumed the significance of a clash between two civilizations, the West and communism. Italian Catholics thus found themselves not only invoking the end of the conflict, but also expressing their evaluations on the choices made in international politics by the two superpowers. The positions assumed by the ecclesiastic Institution, the Christian Democrats and the Catholic world in Italy towards the war in Indochina were not identical: in
more » ... ot identical: in fact, if-with a few exceptions-the ecclesiastic hierarchy was distinguished by its extreme caution, in the Catholic party different positions became manifest. It was mainly in Catholic associations, and in general amongst believers closer to the experience of the Vatican Council, that a radical sense of aversion to U.S. foreign policy developed.
doi:10.3390/socsci7040055 fatcat:svoamflauzbtxgmxwcnh2ppcme