10. Meckier, Jerome and Bernfried Nugel, eds. 2018. Aldous Huxley Annual. Vol. 17/18. Wien, Zürich, Berlin, Münster, Wien, Zürich, London: LIT, 294 pp

2019 English and American Studies in German  
DOI: https://doi.org/./east-- This interdisciplinary volume, which documents an event that took place in Dresden in 2016 is the third book to emerge from the interdisciplinary Dresden-based young researchers' colloquium on gender studies. It continues in the vein of previous installments in the book series with regard to thematic scope, plurality of concepts and intersectional orientation. In twelve chapters, the authors partake in a productive dialogue between international and
more » ... ansnational gender theory on the one hand and other theoretical fields and disciplines on the other, including sociology, theology, pedagogy, history, linguistics, and literary studies. This third volume draws links between diachronic and synchronic perspectives on the plurality of gender and the concept of the border as an ambivalent emblem of the definitive and the provisionary, and as a means of differentiation, with a special focus on moments of exclusion, inclusion, and transgression. The book's numerous perspectives on the limits of gender and social and symbolic practices of (re-)negotiating gender as a category, particularly in encounters with the 'Other', offer critical insight into new as well as traditional phenomena and narratives.
doi:10.1515/east-2019-0011 fatcat:ee4tyo7ir5grzbmfaeilexcqay