112 Outcomes and Clinical Characteristics of COVID-19 Disease in the Frail, Elderly Population of Tayside

R Shedden, A McCulloch, S Laidlaw, S Love, S McLuckie, W Jones, J Taylor, R Pennington, C Tipton
2021 Age and Ageing  
Introduction With advancing age, frailty, multi-morbidity and need for care, elderly patients are some of the most vulnerable to Covid-19 disease. In NHS Tayside, a dedicated Covid-19 Medicine for the Elderly (MFE) Team was formed to care for patients identified as frail and likely to benefit from comprehensive geriatric assessment. Methods All Covid-19 patients meeting frailty criteria1, cared for by the Covid-19 MFE Team were identified. Data on outcomes and clinical characteristics for all
more » ... teristics for all (140) patients admitted during the first pandemic wave (March–July 2020) was collected using electronic patient records and analysed. Results Patients were predominantly male (58.6%). Ages ranged from 65–99 years, with 43.6% aged ≥85 years. 82.1% had one or more of cough, fever and anosmia on admission fitting Covid-19 case definition 2. Lymphopenia was present in 92.1%. Of note, 26.5% of patients had a normal or unchanged chest x-ray report, with only 10.2% showing bilateral peripheral infiltrates. 28-day mortality was 37.1% with Covid-19 Disease listed as primary cause of death in 90.4%. Conclusion(s) Entering further "waves" of infection, it is vital that we understand the clinical presentation and course of Covid-19 disease in elderly patients. Our data highlights that any Covid-19 symptom, even in isolation, should raise suspicion of disease. Chest x-rays should not be used alone as a diagnostic tool. The presence of lymphopenia should raise suspicion of Covid-19 infection. In developing an understanding of how elderly patients with Covid-19 present, we can ensure early identification and initiation of appropriate infection control measures. References 1. Healthcare Improvement Scotland. Think Frailty. 2014. http://www.healthcareimprovementscotland.org/his/idoc.ashx?docid=8abd8530-48f3-4152-bbfb-d0918b870ec9&version=-1 2. Scottish Government. Update to Coronavirus Symptoms 2020. https://www.gov.scot/news/update-to-coronavirus-symptoms
doi:10.1093/ageing/afab030.73 fatcat:4jorukv3efdrloxh3ulyrhlasi