HotSpot & Cache: An Optimization Method for Small Objects Storage in SWIFT of OpenStack Cloud

2018 2018 3rd International Conference on Computer Science and Information Engineering (ICCSIE 2018)   unpublished
In the big-data era, cloud platforms such as OpenStack aim at the optimization of storage performance for large objects. However small file severely hurdles its performance. In this paper, a framework, namely HotSpot & Cache, is proposed to optimize the storage performance for small objects in SWIFT of OpenStack cloud. Double-proxy architecture is adopted for HotSpot & Cache architecture, including an external proxy node, an internal proxy node, and a dedicated cache server. Storage performance
more » ... optimization for small objects is accomplished in the unit of partitions in storage nodes, hot-spot partitions are predicted and cached in the dedicated cache server. A series of facilities are implemented for small objects storage performance optimization, e.g. Sampling & Statistics, Hot-Spot Prediction, and a Request Redirection. The access frequency and the size of a partition is periodically sampled and statistically accumulated to predict the hot-spot of a partition for the next interval. Experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed HotSpot & Cache architecture.
doi:10.23977/iccsie.2018.1002 fatcat:seg2c7lncbdilnexw7mqusy2sm