Necip Fazıl Kısakürek'in Bir Adam Yaratmak Adlı Eserinde Ben'in Huzursuzluğu

Yeliz AKAR
2021 Turkish Studies - Language and Literature  
Necip Fazıl Kısakürek, is one of the important writers who influenced both the artists of his time and who came after him. Although he is prominent in the genre of poetry, it is known that he also produced works in different fields of literature. Among these genres, theater takes an important place. In particular, Bir Adam Yaratmak is regarded as a work that proves the success of the author both for its period and beyond. Necip Fazıl Kısakürek, reflects the inner world of Husrev who questions
more » ... e boundaries of his existence in his play named Bir Adam Yaratmak. Husrev, who emulates God, thinks that he can create new possibilities of existence in his own world based on his artistic identity. This role he assumes, sometimes by envy of God and sometimes by opposing him, is strengthened by his desire for immortality. Husrev, who is mistaken that he can realize this desire by relying on his artistic creativity qualification, goes beyond the boundaries of existence. Because man is mortal; Husrev, who loses his mental and mental health when he realizes the fact that he is mortal, becomes uneasy due to the dead end waiting for him. The fact that he has to wait desperately in the face of this situation that he cannot solve or cope with creates a great uneasiness in his mind. State of restlessness; the violation of the intimate sphere increases due to reasons such as insecurity in social relationships, failure and loneliness syndrome, and it turns into a deep trauma that forces Husrev's limits of endurance. In this study, which we dealt with in the context of Husrev's existential unrest, we evaluated the limits of the human capable of creating, the terror of death in our inner world and the consequences of border violations.
doi:10.47845/turkishstudies.49265 fatcat:oubqllc3o5estcwvotudef7y2e