Impact of an automotive chirp-sequence interferer on a wideband OFDM radar

Christina Knill, Benedikt Schweizer, Philipp Hügler, Christian Waldschmidt, Universität Ulm
OFDM-based radar schemes are promising candidates to solve inherent limitations of frequency-modulated schemes. However, for a practical implementation in the automotive environment with an increasing amount of sensors and disturbances, not only the performance of the modulation scheme is important but also how it can perform in coexistence with other modulation schemes. In this paper, measurements are shown to investigate the impact of chirp-sequence-based sensors on a wideband OFDM radar.
more » ... hermore, a straightforward method to mitigate and eliminate the interference on the receive signal is presented that allows reliable target detection even under severe chirp-sequence interference.
doi:10.18725/oparu-10201 fatcat:6tu2wht35na53ggbqhnvbbqejq