The problems of volcanology

Henry S. Washington
1920 Transactions American Geophysical Union  
of California, constitute an exemplar of intensive oceanographical investi gation. By systematically and repeatedly tabulating and mapping standardized values of the temperature, salinity, density, currents, and gas content of the water of the Pacific Ocean, serially observed at ascer tained intervals of depth from the surface to the bottom in fixed loca tions, the variations of these physical elements, with time and locality, in their distribution in the depths, have been revealed to an
more » ... vealed to an important extent within the confines of the oceanic tract in the region of the seat of the Institution, stretching from San Diego to Point Concepcion and em bracing an area of more than 10,000 square miles. It is the present purpose of the Section of Physical Oceanography to foster the labors of these agencies and the similar ones which are con tributed by the Navy and the Coast Survey and to seek opportunities to supplement them and link their operations, as far as may be, into coordi nation with the operations of the oceanographers of Japan, of Australia and New Zealand, of the North Sea International Council of Exploration, and the Mediterranean Sea International Council of Exploration. And, through the formation of committees, to provide that consideration shall be given to the problems of evaporation and heat transference and the interrelations between oceanogtaphy and meteorology, to the problems of dynamic oceanography including the variations of mean sea-level and the tides and their manifestations in the depths as well as the surface, to the investigation of the chemical and physical properties of the waters includ ing the penetration of light, to the investigation of the origin and distri bution of bottom deposits, to the problem of ascertaining the conforma tion and topography of the basins, and to the ways and means of advancement in the domain of physical oceanography.
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