Virtual colonoscopy versus optical colonoscopy

Zhengrong Liang, Robert J Richards
2010 Expert Opinion in Medical Diagnostics  
Importance of the field-The high prevalence of colon carcinoma combined with the low compliance of currently recommended screening guidelines explains the continued high mortality rate of colon cancer. Utilizing a strategy of virtual colonoscopy (VC) in asymptomatic patients over 50, with optical colonoscopy (OC) follow-up for removal of detected adenomatous polyps may result in lowering the colon cancer death rate. However, the screening potential of VC has not yet been widely recognized.
more » ... es and doubts of its potential benefits have been frequently seen in the literature since VC was first reported in 1994. Areas covered in this review-This article reviews the currently available screening options and discuss their advantages and drawbacks. Take home message-VC has many advantages over the existing screening options and its several drawbacks can be mitigated so that it would become a valuable screening modality. A strategy that utilizes VC for population-based screening over the age of 50 and OC for screening high-risk individuals and those with positive VC findings would result in a significantly reduced rate of colon cancer deaths. Article highlights • Colon carcinoma has a high prevalence and can be prevented if adequate screening of its precursor, adenomatous polyps, is available to and accepted by the asymptomatic patient population. • Currently available screening options are not effective and sufficient to accomplish the screening task.
doi:10.1517/17530051003658736 pmid:20473367 pmcid:PMC2869208 fatcat:2z5izc6n3zcjfewxx2e6ki6a3a