Stepan Karabanyk
2020 Economic Analysis  
Introduction. In organizational and technological documents the issues of transport provision with material resources of construction objects are considered without sufficient substantiation. In the article the task of supply volume planning is coordinated with the internal capabilities of the construction organization and with external conditions, and then formulated in the form of a mathematical model of linear programming. The principles of planning are defined, external and internal
more » ... nd internal restrictions on the choice of the plan are formulated. The planning model developed by the author will allow to increase the organizational level of material flows management, will provide continuity and uniformity of production of works, consumption of materials, products and designs. Purpose of the article is to develop a effective model for the management of material flows in construction. Method (methodology). In the process of developing and substantiating the results of the study, the following research methods were actively used: analysis, synthesis, modeling, logical, systematic approach, methods of deduction and induction, as well as observation, measurement, comparison, experiment. Results. The main factors of ensuring the efficiency of material flow management are determined, a mathematical model of linear programming is developed, aimed at increasing the organizational level of material flow management in construction organizations.
doi:10.35774/econa2020.01.01.225 fatcat:zlgfl33uubbepexzqcsktbsi4i