Restrictions on sharability of classical correlations for random multipartite quantum states [article]

Saptarshi Roy, Shiladitya Mal, Aditi Sen De
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Unlike quantum correlations, the sharability of classical correlations (CCs) between two-parties of a multipartite state is assumed to be free since there exist states for which CCs for each of the reduced states can simultaneously reach their algebraic maximum value. However, when one randomly picks out states from the state space, we find that the probability of obtaining those states possessing the algebraic maximum value is vanishingly small. We explore the possibility of nontrivial upper
more » ... und by Haar uniformly generating random multipartite states and computing the frequency distribution for various CC measures, conventional classical correlators, and two axiomatic measures of classical correlations, namely the classical part of quantum discord and local work of work-deficit. We find that the distributions are typically Gaussian-like and their standard deviations decrease with the increase in number of parties. It also reveals that among the multiqubit random states, most of the reduced density matrices possess a low amount of CCs which can also be confirmed by the mean of the distributions, thereby showing a kind of restrictions on the sharability of classical correlations for random states. Furthermore, we also notice that the maximal value for random states is much lower than the algebraic maxima obtained for a set of states, and the gap between the two increases further for states with a higher number of parties. We report that for a higher number of parties, the classical part of quantum discord and local work can follow monogamy-based upper bound on sharability while classical correlators have a different upper bound. The trends of sharability for classical correlation measures in random states clearly demarcate between the axiomatic definition of classical correlations and the conventional ones.
arXiv:2008.09592v1 fatcat:xii7cwvlrree5jue5wqbyztrry