A miniature powerplant for very small, very long range autonomous aircraft. Final report [report]

Tad McGeer
1999 unpublished
We have developed a new piston engine offering unprecedented efficiency for a new generation of miniature robotic aircraft. Following Phase I preliminary design in 1996-97, we have gone forward in Phase II to complete detail design, and are nearing completion of a first batch of ten engines. A small-engine dynamometer facility has been built in preparation for the test program. Provisions have been included for supercharging, which will allow operation at ceilings in the 10,000 m range.
more » ... 00 m range. Component tests and detailed analysis indicate that the engine will achieve brake-specific fuel consumption well below 300 gmkwh at power levels of several hundred watts. This level of performance opens the door to development of tabletop-sized aircraft having transpacific range and multi-day endurance, which will offer extraordinary new capabilities for meteorology, geomagnetic, and a variety of applications in environmental monitoring and military operations. 1 -.
doi:10.2172/755967 fatcat:m62fyksjt5fblmiskrhfwbge6m