Análise da relação contratual entre produtor integrado e agroindústria na produção de frango do Distrito Federal sob os preceitos da teoria da agência [thesis]

Priscilla Ferreira de Lima
A Deus, que me permitiu tão maravilhosa experiência e a todos que de alguma forma contribuíram para que ela fosse vivenciada intensamente. Palavras-chave: Contrato de integração. Teoria da Agência. Avicultura industrial. ABSTRACT Although constantly growing, the Brazilian poultry sector has been under discussion at various levels of the national economy in terms of one of its most important mechanisms: the contract of integration. It is known that industrial production dominates the productive
more » ... ower of the poultry, however the contracts between producers and agroindustry has been widely discussed in terms of the sources of power asymmetry between the pairs. In Agency relations, the principal -represented by agroindustry, hires the agent to perform a given task -the producer who will make the fattening poultry. Thus, the present study is dedicated to analyzing the integration contract used in the region of Distrito Federal from the perspective of agency theory, which studies the relation between agent and principal in situations where the principal can not monitor the actions of agent. For this, studies with some producers were performed, in addition to proposing an economic model to the question of the mechanisms for measuring agent performance practiced in the region. It was concluded that one of the crucial facts in the relationship between agent and principal is the use of a performance measure that might encourage desired actions and provide appropriate remuneration for the agent, in order to provide continuity of the contractual relation.
doi:10.26512/2015.03.d.19884 fatcat:fgh5rhhzrng77k7nknsc4lumom