Contributions of El-Sayed to the computer thermoeconomic analysis of dual-purpose power and desalination plants

Javier Uche, Antonio Valero, Luis Serra, César Torres
2012 International Journal of Thermodynamics  
This paper presents the main structure of the Bblocks (Building Blocks) software. was conceived for the thermodynamic and thermoeconomic analysis of dual-purpose power and desalination plants. Once a plant configuration was designed by means of its guided graphical interface, its steadystate performance could be easily calculated. Sensitivity analysis and thermoeconomic analysis of the configuration could be further performed, if desired. The end objective of Bblocks is then to search the
more » ... to search the optimum dual plant configuration in terms of energy efficiency, with the help of a user-friendly software tool. Prof. Y. El-Sayed also actively collaborated in the design phase of Bblocks. His visionary research analysis of 27 feasible configurations to provide power (and water), including its own thermoeconomic optimization procedure, was a good start up to BBlocks. Moreover, some costing and modelling equations (including part load behaviour) developed in this analysis were included in Bblocks. He also visualized the need of a friendly-user interface that could allow a simple layout of any new configuration and its consequent analysis, taking into account the increasing capabilities of present computers.
doi:10.5541/ijot.421 fatcat:gd2dw5vysjbqrmw2yn6nbyubvq