Level of Life Satisfaction and Psychological Flow among Female Students at Unaizah College, Saudi Arabia

د. فاتن هادي الحربي
2021 مجلة الدراسات الاجتماعية  
This study investigated the level of life satisfaction and psychological flow among female students at Unaizah College in Saudi Arabia. To achieve this, a measure for life satisfaction was developed and the Arabic version of the psychological flow measure, developed by Marsh and Jackson (1996), was adopted. After verifying the psychometric properties of the two scales, they were administered to a sample of 225 female students (79 married and 146 unmarried). The collected data was processed and
more » ... nalyzed by using the SPSS. The findings revealed that married students had more life satisfaction than unmarried ones, but there were no differences between them regarding the psychological flow. There was also a statistically significant positive correlation between life satisfaction and the psychological flow. Regarding specialization, students of engineering colleges showed more life satisfaction and psychological flow than students of human colleges. The study concluded with a set of recommendations, including encouraging female students to get married while at college.
doi:10.20428/jss.v27i2.1795 fatcat:gfqytlen2nehhiwtqh6de62xbe