Horizontal fixation point oscillation and simulated viewpoint oscillation both increase vection in depth

S. Palmisano, J. Kim, T. C. A. Freeman
2012 Journal of Vision  
Previous research has shown that vection can be enhanced by adding horizontal simulated viewpoint oscillation to radial flow. Adding a horizontally oscillating fixation target to purely radial flow induces a superficially similar illusion of self-motion, where the observer's perceived heading oscillates left and right as their eyes pursue the moving target. This study directly compared the vection induced by these two conditions for the first time. Adding fixation point oscillation and
more » ... viewpoint oscillation to radial flow were both found to improve vection (relative to no oscillation control displays). Neither vection advantage could be explained in terms of differences in perceived scene rigidity or motion adaptation. Our findings also provided little support for the notion that pursuit eye-movements were essential for the simulated viewpoint oscillation advantage for vection (since observers successfully fixated a stationary, centrally-placed target during these conditions in the current experiments). The strongest support was found for the proposal that fixation point oscillation and simulated viewpoint oscillation both improve vection by increasing the observer's global retinal motion.
doi:10.1167/12.12.15 pmid:23184234 fatcat:st5hflcpdncwfiieinekbyevrq