Integrated House Fly Control: Populations of Fly Larvae and Predaceous Mites, Macrocheles muscaedomesticae, in Poultry Manure After Larvicide Treatment1

Richard C. Axtell
1968 Journal of Economic Entomology  
The populations of 3rd-instar larvae of house fly, Musca clornestica L., and adults of Macrocheles rnuscaeclornesticae (Scopoli) (Acarina: Macrochelidae), which are predaceous on the eggs and Ist-instar larvae of the house fly, were determined at intervals before and after the application of 12 insecticides to the manure under caged laying hens. Selective toxicities which could be used to advantage in larviciding for fly control were not found. The few chemicals which did not destroy the mite
more » ... destroy the mite population gave very little control of fly larvae, while those which gave some control of fly larvae (for periods up to 2 JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC ENTOMOLOGY Vol. 61, No.1
doi:10.1093/jee/61.1.245 pmid:5636841 fatcat:q5w5r24jijh65f6yh6nodsuvqe