Editorials and Medical Intelligence

1859 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
system ; upon the non-inflammatory appearance of the blood, though the intestine must have been inflamed ; and he questioned whether the appearance of the blood, as he observed it, was due to anything peculiar in the inflammation, or to a mercurial action, though this last was not shown in the usual way. In regard to an explanation of the case, he thought " that some foreign body, probably, became impacted in the entrance of the appendix, that it then became inflamed at that point, and the
more » ... lation cut ofí from the remainder ; that ulcération then supervened, and the whole body of it being dead, was sloughed off into the intestine." Physiologically, he thought the question might be asked-" of what use is the appendix ?" Dr. Jackson remarked that the case was unique, so far as he was aware.
doi:10.1056/nejm185909150610704 fatcat:v5bgjd3uvnak3b2fgrgvzoasea