Тo the problem of artist's self-actualization in the light of art synthesis (creatively performing aspect)

В. В. Громченко
2019 Музикознавча думка Дніпропетровщини  
The target of this article is disclosing the same practically remarkedparticular traits, determined peculiar properties of process concerningartist's self-actualization into synthetic spice of art for artistic culture ofthe second half of the 20th – the beginning of the 21st centuries. Thepurpose of proposed scientific disquisition is also delineating ofprofessionally necessary mechanism in reference to the most maximalactivity for liberation of individual potential, establishing of the
more » ... hing of the specificlevel as touching a self-actualization of creative personality. The methodsof this investigation are forming as the result from including the series ofempirical approaches in the studying of the artist's self-actualizationphenomenon into the context of art synthesis. The methods observationand generalization are applying in the first place, which discover thepractical traits of the self-actualization's appearance, the self-expression ofcreative personal in the synthetic spice of art. The scientific newness ofrepresented investigative theme is conditioned by detection, the first of all,practical part of the artist's self-actualization process into circulation fromsynthesis of culturally creative pallet of the contemporaneity.Conclusions. The particularity of artist's self-actualization in the modernspice of multicultural synthesis has the bright expressive artisticallypractical and, in to the total, actively complex character, which engagesartistically performing confidence, emotionally sensual frankness ofcreative performing process and, certainly, conviction, in reference to theartistically creative act. Herewith, emphasize, that above-mentionedprocesses generate the high level of artist's self-actualization only onsituation of creatively active accentuation of over-personal life categories,which bring to the condition of decentralization concerning the own "meˮ,to the generalization by creator-individual of over-personal existentpositions.
doi:10.33287/221928 fatcat:vquqdipqpjcmvorfugclymjw5a