Turbulence modeling for curved wall jets under adverse pressure gradient [thesis]

Palanunt Pajayakrit
the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Resrarch in partial fulfilirnent of the requirements for the degree of Thesis contains black & w h i t e photographs &/or explanatory t a b l e s w h i c h when micsofilmed may lose their significance. The hardcopy of t h e thesis is available upon r e q u e s t from Carleton University Library. Abstract The ability of four turbulence models to predict curved wall jets under adverse pressure gradient was assessed. An experimrnt on a nominally two-dimensional
more » ... ly two-dimensional cuned wall jet over a cylinder was also conducted to study an esisrence of three-dimensional tlow structures that may affect overall flow developrnent. -5
doi:10.22215/etd/1997-03711 fatcat:ciksu7ce6vdzvjfthdubfj3c6m