Ahl al-Bayt [dataset]

Encyclopaedia of the Qurʾān   unpublished
One of the damages done to Hadith is the manipulated publication or incorrect interpretations of the traditions of Ahl al-Bayt about their qualities and virtues that lead to exaggerated beliefs in some cases. The present study conducts a documentary and implicational analysis of the hadith known as, "you can attribute any good quality to us (Ahl al-Bayt) after considering us only as the servants of God", that gives the illusion of exaggeration according to some interpretations. Hence, the
more » ... t study seeks to answer the following questions: Has this hadith been narrated by valid sources of tradition of both Sunni and Shia? How was the issuance atmosphere of this tradition? How were different narrated types of this tradition? What information does the analysis of reliability of Hadith narrators according to the sources of Rijal knowledge gives us about the quality of the obtained hadith documents? What does the phrase "inconceivability of the virtues of Shia Imams" mentioned in this tradition, mean? Is it possible to attribute all virtues to Ahl al-Bayt? How could we explain the relationships of Shia Imams with God as God›s servants? What is the approach of the mentioned tradition to the consideration of Shia Imams as prophets? According to the result of the present study, the mentioned hadith written in Al-Khisal, compiled by Sadooq, is an authentic hadith in terms of document and chain of reliable narrators, and the content of the hadith tends to deny any exaggeration from the sacred realm of Ahl al-Bayt.
doi:10.1163/_q3_dum_00008 fatcat:b6c7vze4bbcc5igauga55qqika