Molecular and genetic interactions between STYLOSA and GRAMINIFOLIA in the control of Antirrhinum vegetative and reproductive development

C. Navarro
2004 Development  
GRAMINIFOLIA (GRAM), is supported by enhanced phenotypic defects in sty gram double mutants, for instance in the control of phyllotaxis, floral homeotic functions and organ polarity. Accordingly, the STY and GRAM protein and mRNA expression patterns overlap in emerging lateral organ primordia. STY is expressed in all meristems and later becomes confined to the adaxial domain and (pro)vascular tissue. This pattern is similar to genes that promote adaxial identity, and, indeed, STY expression
more » ... ows, although does not control, adaxial fate. We discuss the complex roles of STY and GRAM proteins in reproductive and vegetative development, performed in part in physical association but also independently.
doi:10.1242/dev.01205 pmid:15229173 fatcat:apl2ypa73vdpxbns2zt6s25ppm