The Effects of Acetylated Poplar Particles on Applicational Properties of manufactured Particleboards with Isocyanate Resin

Hamideh Abdolzadeh, Kazem Doost hosseini
2009 تحقیقات علوم چوب و کاغذ ایران  
The capability of acetylated poplar particles with isocyanate resinin manufacturing particleboard was investigated. The acetylation degrees at high, medium, and zero (control) levels and type of resin (isocyanate and urea formaldehyde) were considered as variables. Then the effects of these variables on practical properties of manufactured boards were investigated. The results indicated that use of isocyanate resin in board with acetylated particles not only caused to improve dimensional
more » ... ty of manufactured boards but also caused to increase its mechanical Strength in comparison with blank with urea formaldehyde resin. Increasing acetylation degree caused to decrease the studied boards of the mechanical properties and enhance their dimensional stability. Although on board with isocyanate resin, increasing dimensional stability in comparison with blank is the highest. Particleboards with isocyanate resin indicated less water absorption and thickness swelling in comparison with blanks with urea formaldehyde resin after immersing in water for 2 and 24 hours.
doi:10.22092/ijwpr.2009.117358 doaj:efc8174167cd4a4d9b3887c9ee9854e0 fatcat:t5blc2b5mfgapahhprwn2enxim