The Emergency Constitution

Bruce Ackerman
2020 Journal of Constitutional Law  
Terrorist attack of September 11, 2001 shocked the world, it caused major changes in understanding the safety and security. Very soon we saw that our lives have changed, in response to the threat governments around the world began imposing restrictions on different rights for ensuring the prevention of similar attacks. But one major discussion was how the governments deal with the emergencies. This paper asks a relevant question – what happens when we see next attack, what it will it look like.
more » ... will it look like. Nineteen years later the world faced a completely different threat – a public health emergency, yet the discussion that commenced post-9/11 is an extremely relevant point to start discussion. The foregoing paper, published in 2003 is one of the strongest and most discussed work on the topic of emergencies, relevant for the readers to the date, when assessing the boundaries and the perspectives of emergencies.
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