Experimental Investigation And Static Analysis of Bridge Deck Panel By Using Aluminium Metal Matrix Composite

Mereena Mathew, Eldhose Cheriyan
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET)   unpublished
Aluminium metal matrix composite(AMMC) are known for their excellent mechanical properties compared to aluminium base alloy. Aluminium alloy in structural application such as bridge deck, roofing frame and domes etc. By choosing appropriate ceramic reinforcements and combining them with aluminium alloy can yield AMMC of superior quality. The present work focused on develop of AMMC, consisting of aluminium base alloy 6061 as base alloy and Silicon carbide(SiC) and Alumina (Al2O3) as ceramic
more » ... O3) as ceramic reinforcements, by stir casting method. This paper also aims to study and compare the properties such as rockwell hardness, tensile strength, impact strength of Al alloy 6061 and AMMC. mechanical properties was found to be superior than Al alloy 6061. Extruded deck panels were modeled in ANSYS. AMMC and Al alloy 6061 were assigned to the same model and total deformation under IRC class a loading was obtained. On comparison of result, AMMC deck panel was found to have minimum total deformation than aluminium alloy 6061 deck panel.