Production Potential, Nutritive Value and Nutraceutical Effects of Goat Milk

Arab Lund, Muhammad Ahmad
2020 Journal of Animal Health and Production  
| Goat is the choice of a poor farmer because they can easily adaptable, least cost in farming and low agriculture land. There are more than 500 different goat breeds in the world. Among these many are popular for their milk production potential and known as dairy goats. The most famous dairy goat breeds of Pakistan are Kamori, Beetal and Pateri. Kamori is considered as the cow of the poor farmer as it is good in milk production. The goat milk is well known for its unique characteristics to
more » ... ude an alternative for cow milk allergen people, easily digestible for infant, buffer capacity and higher content of mineral zinc, iron and magnesium. Caprine milk shows the therapeutic effects of various conditions such as anaemia, asthma, stomach ulcer, constipation, insomnia and neurotic indigestion. Novel angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitory proteins released by gastric pepsin of goat milk caseins and whey proteins have been proved as a potent candidate against hypertension and associated diseases. Goat milk also utilized for preparing value-added milk products to include cheese, butter, paneer, ghee and ice cream. This review was designed to focus on the goat population, milk yield, milk products, nutraceutical effects and characteristics of goat milk. Citation | Lund A, Ahmad M (2021). Production potential, nutritive value and nutraceutical effects of goat milk.
doi:10.17582/journal.jahp/2021/ fatcat:x2gkoe67ubdf5duztqr7zbiila