Buckling of rotating rods under the action of axial compressive forces taking into account their own weight
Выпучивание вращающихся стержней при действии осевых сжимающих сил с учетом собственного веса

Serdar Yazyev, Yu. Konoplev, Svetlana Yazyeva, Leysan Akhtyamova
2020 Construction and Architecture  
The article is devoted to the conclusion of resolving equations for solving the tasks of bulging rotating rods subject to the action of compressive co-centric forces taking into account uniformly distributed load along the axis. In this mode, for example, fast-moving shafts operate. The purpose of this article is to provide an engineer with a method for calculating drill pipes, tested diagrams and justification of conditions in rotary drilling. The new mathematical models describing stability
more » ... rods taking into account own weight and new software are proposed. Numerical simulation of load intensity distributions in the rod along the axis was carried out, at the same time different types of boundary conditions of rod fixation are used. Mathematical models and software for numerical simulation of stability of rotating rods under action of axial compressive forces have been improved. Note that the effect of torsion moment in the present case may not be considered as insignificant in comparison with the above loads. A new method of calculating stability of rotating rods, allowing to take into account any boundary conditions and taking into account own weight, has been developed and scientifically justified. There are proposed mathematical expressions convenient for practical use, which give very accurate results. Obtained results can be used in evaluation and diagnostics of state of samples of structural materials, in process of experimental investigations and in investigation of fast-flowing rotating processes in rod structures of variable stiffness, made of anisotropic composite materials in machine-building, shipbuilding, aircraft engineering, instrument-making, power engineering, etc.
doi:10.29039/2308-0191-2020-8-3-12-22 fatcat:zwy4sug7fbh5zftw4lsknkd72e