Optimization electric field inverse solving algorithm for nondestructive detection of voltage on transmission lines

Jin Tian, Ru Wang, Fei Wu, Zhenhua Zhang, Haishan Liu, Li Gong
2019 IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution  
Electromagnetic field inverse calculation plays a crucial role in solving the problem arising from the design and nondestructive testing of electromagnetic devices in engineering. In this study, an optimisation algorithm for electric field inverse calculation is proposed, which enables non-destructive detection of voltage on overhead transmission lines, enhances the robustness of the algorithm and improves the accuracy of calculation. Firstly, 2D and 3D calculation models of electric field are
more » ... stablished. A multimedium calculation model with the operating environment of transmission lines considered is proposed. Based on the multimedium calculation method, the calculation environment is categorised into soil, vegetation, geology, and other media, and the correctness of the optimisation method is verified by the finite-element method-based model. Secondly, in order to eliminate the measurement noise and electric field distortion to the electric field measurement data, a modified model based on Kalman filter is constructed. Both multimedium calculation method and Kalman filter are applied to the inverse calculation of electric field as an optimisation electric field inverse solving algorithm. Finally, the inverse optimisation method is applied to 220 kV transmission lines and practical 500 kV ultra-high voltage transmission lines, respectively, to improve the accuracy and robustness of calculation.
doi:10.1049/iet-gtd.2019.0459 fatcat:my333riypzfsve2kh6xsg4z2om