Abubakar Tuhuloula, Lestari Budiyarti, Etha Fitriana
2013 unpublished
,67-793,65;bermetoksil rendah, yaitu 3,53%-4,34% dengan kadar galakturonat 45,06%-48,05%,termasuk pektin ester rendah dengan derajat esterifikasi 43,61%-49,23% dan termasuk pektin ester tinggi dengan derajat esterifikasi sebesar 51,28%-52,09%. Abstract-Banana is a fruit that is often consumed by humans, either directly after the fruit riped or processed into other foods. On the island of Borneo, banana plants are mostly found in South Kalimantan. Discarded banana peels usually only become a
more » ... e, but there is pectin content as much as 22.4% in the banana. In this research, the extraction of pectin with a banana peels ingredients that aims to determine the types of bananas that contain lots of pectin, the influence of variations time extraction in the amount of pectin produced and the type of solvent that produces maximum pectin. The experiments were conducted using two types of bananas, the banana peel of Ambons and Kepok dried and extracted using solvent extraction with a temperature of 80 ° C. Variation extraction time are 1; 1.5 and 2 hours, the solvent are HCl and H 2 SO 4 0.05 N. Extracted product added with ethanol to precipitate formed, then its filtered and dried in the oven at a temperature of 40 ° C for 8 hours. In this research, the product being analysis of equivalent weight, grade metocsil, galacturonate levels and the degree of esterification. The results showed that the combination of time and the type of solvent to generate a lot of pectin levels, both for banana Ambon and banana Kepok, was extracted for 2 hours using HCl solvent which is content of 14.90% for bananas Ambon and 10.96% for bananas Kepok .The pectin that produced has an equivalent weight of 666.67 to 793.65; low metoksil grade of 3.53%-4.34%; with galacturonate levels about 45.06%-48.05%, including low ester pectin with a degree of esterification 43.61 %-49.23% and included a high ester pectin with a degree of esterification of 51.28%-52.09%