The Evolution of Rhetorical Theory from Greece to Rome: The Similarities and Differences of Aristotle's Theory of Rhetoric and that of Romans

Mohammad Ahmadi
2018 ̒Ilm-i Zabān  
In the current article, the history of rhetoric from 400 B.C. to 100 A.D. is reviewed. During this 500 years, the theoretical basis of classical rhetoric was established and has remained almost the same throughout the centuries. The first sage who established theoretical basis for rhetoric with a logical approach was Aristotle. Aristotle's views on rhetoric are very carefully and precisely analyzed in this article. Following Aristotle, Roman teachers of rhetoric such as Cicero and Quintilian
more » ... o and Quintilian added more to the theory of rhetoric. The Roman's theory of rhetoric is also reviewed in the article. The current article seeks to show the differences and similarities of Aristotle's theory of rhetoric as well as the Romans perception of it.
doi:10.22054/ls.2019.23813.1085 doaj:a9f8d03832bd42cb9212e89586cd5b0e fatcat:w66m2n2fvfe6dfkaji6j7w2ajm