A Portable Grain Dump

1893 Scientific American  
adapted to receive grain or other material dumped and This is a strong and simple machine designed to deliver it to the ground or to an elevator or conveyor. form projectiles two at a time, the machine being The elevating mechanism may be driven by a beveled perfectly under the control of the operator, and roll· gear by turning a crank at one side of the machine. In ing the projectiles so accurately that they are well front of the cover of the hopper are longitudinal open adapted for the best
more » ... rksmanship. The improveings in the bed, and in each of these openings is a bal. ment has been patented by Mr. John S. Griffin, Ros· ance or dumping beam, the beams being connected by lyn, Washington. The small figure shows parts in a cross bar and the operation of a lever locking the section, with the forming rolls and the hydraulic beams in fixed position. Beneath the central portion cylinders which move the rolls vertically. The end of the bed is a shaft carrying a sprocket wheel con· standards of the machine have on their inner sides nected by a chain with a second sprocket wheel jour· guide ribs which support guide blocks for the ingot naled in a standard, and by rotating the upper
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican12231893-404a fatcat:hsnuwdtqxnbnjhj5zr4snz4ha4