The strategies at the shop-floor of the Communist Party in Argentina from its beginnings to 1943: cells, factory committees and comisiones internas

Hernán Camarero, Diego Rubén Ceruso
2015 Anuario del Instituto de Historia Argentina  
The intention of this paper is to recover the experience driven by the Communist Party (PC) from its creation until the emergence of peronism in the organization of labor movement in the production sites. For years the widespread belief in the historiography was that militancy in the factories start with the peronist union model and installation of comisiones internas. Recent investigations showed extensive basic organizational framework generated by the factory proletariat in the decades prior
more » ... n the decades prior to1943. In this process were instrumental the left currents and in particular the PC that peaked a specific policy for insertion into the factories and enterprises. The axes that guide our research are: the forms acquired by this militancy, the productive sectors prioritized by the PC and the impact of the party strategies, among others.
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