Protracted Adhesion of a Portion of the Placenta, with Final Sloughing and Separation

1835 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
Case II.-The age of this patient was four years. During the preceding summer she had been affected with an obstinate porriginous eruption on the seal)) ; and, as this had disappeared, hooping cough set in and had affected her general health greatly, not only by the frequently repeated and severe paroxysms of coughing, hut also by an almost constant irritability of the stomach, so that all food was rejected, as soon as swallowed. A plaster of hemlock and Burgundy pitch, sprinkled with five
more » ... led with five grains of the antimonial tartrate, when applied between the shoulders, and a mixture composed of a mild bitter infusion, with the addition of syrup of poppies and of cinchona powder, was ordered to be given in repeated doses during the day. In 24 hours, the plaster was removed, for it had already induced a copious eruption of pustules. The sickness had quite ceased ; and the cough was greatly mitigated^-No second application was necessary ; and this girl, in the course of a week or two, was pro-The Boston Medical and Surgical Journal as published by The New England Journal of Medicine. Downloaded from at SAN DIEGO (UCSD) on June 30, 2016. For personal use only. No other uses without permission. From the NEJM Archive.
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