Security for Two-Way Untrusted Relay against Constant and Reactive Jamming with Fixed Signals

Chan Thai, Vo-Nguyen Quoc Bao, De-Thu Huynh
2021 REV Journal on Electronics and Communications  
Active attacking in physical-layer security has not been significantly studied while potentially causing serious consequences for the legitimate networks. In this paper, we propose a novel method to estimate and remove the jamming signals from multiple multi-antenna jammers in a two-way relay network with multi-antenna legitimate and relay nodes. We carefully consider the signals in the time slots in order to exploit the repetition of the signals and design the transmitted signals which can
more » ... in different cases. The numerical results show that the secrecy maximum achievable sum-rate (MASR) at the legitimate nodes is higher than that of the conventional method when considering the affect of transmit SNR; the number antennas at the legitimate and relay nodes; normalized distance between one legitimate node and the relay; and the vertical coordinate of the relay.
doi:10.21553/rev-jec.260 fatcat:wjt6crd4tbaczpwvlzm6lhdflm