Numerical Simulations of Slope and Levee Failure under Heavy Rainfall Using the Three-phase SPH Model

Weijie ZHANG, Kenichi MAEDA
2014 Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers Ser A2 (Applied Mechanics (AM))  
The failure of slope and levee triggered by heavy rainfall is a great threat to people's lives and properties, thus this research aimed at proposing a new numerical simulation tool and investigating the failure mechanism of slope and levee under heavy rainfall. The new Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) model with the coupling of three phases, water, soil and air, has been proposed based on the basic principles. Using the proposed SPH program, the rising and burst of air bubble in water was
more » ... ubble in water was simulated to validate the application in fluid phase (water and air). After that, a conceptual slope model with different coefficients of permeability has been built and analyzed by the SPH model. The simulated infiltration showed that the proposed SPH model can simulate the interaction force between soil and water well. The model test of slope failure conducted before was simulated by the proposed SPH model with two cases, one without the effect of air phase and another one with the effect of air phase. The infiltration process, slope deformation and air behavior were revealed from the three-phase SPH simulations and the results proved that the proposed SPH model could be a useful tool to evaluate the stability of slope and levee under heavy rainfall.
doi:10.2208/jscejam.70.i_483 fatcat:dapd7hllrzchvmoxbw2qjr23g4