Effects of Different Cropping Patterns on Soil and Water Conservation Benefits and Soil Nutrients Loss on Sloping Land

MA Chuan-gong, CHEN Jian-jun, GUO Xian-hua, HE Xiao-tong, ZU Yan-qun, LI Yuan
2016 Journal of Agricultural Resources and Environment  
To examine water and soil loss of Yiliang earthquake-affected area in Yunnan Province, a research was conducted on the benefits of soil and water conservation under different cropping patterns. In order to explore the effects of different cropping patterns on soil, water and nutrient loss and grain weight in the harvest time and try to find suitable cropping patterns for controlling and reducing the soil and water loss and increasing crop production, different cropping patterns were analyzed
more » ... ns were analyzed with field plot experiments. The results showed that the surface runoff under different cropping patterns, was with sequence order as soybean monoculture(17.0 m3·hm-2)>potato monoculture(15.9 m3·hm-2)>maize monoculture(13.7 m3·hm-2)>maize//potato intercropping on sloping land(12.6 m3·hm-2)>maize//soybean intercropping(12.3 m3·hm-2)>maize//potato intercropping(11.7 m3·hm-2). The soil erosion of the different cropping patterns was with sequence order as potato monoculture(930.15 kg·hm-2)>soybean monoculture(821.70 kg·hm-2)>maize monoculture(739.05 kg·hm-2)>maize//potato intercropping on sloping land(716.70 kg·hm-2)>maize//potato intercropping(651.90 kg·hm-2)>maize//soybean intercropping(620.10 kg·hm-2). The surface runoff of the best pattern(maize//potato) decreased by 31.2% than the worst pattern soybean monoculture, while decreased by 26.4% and 14.3% than monoculture of potato and maize, respectively. The soil erosion of the best pattern(maize//soybean) decreased by 33.3% than the worst pattern potato monoculture, whilst decreased by 24.5% and 16.1% than the monoculture of soybean and maize, respectively. In the aspect of soil nutrients, maize//soybean was the best. It is suggested that maize//soybean and maize//potato intercropping systems have some effects on reducing the soil and water nutrient loss in Yiliang earthquake-affected area.
doi:10.13254/j.jare.2015.0170 doaj:fd5e4dced4914973bf5d5fe3ac0925c3 fatcat:crquay6uzngoxckmixavazlnzu