Self-sustained RF Energy Harvesting Antenna design for GSM band applications

Kiran Usha, Ishwarya Kommuri, Sudha Rajkumar, Saveri Chowdhury, Balaji
2018 International Journal of Advanced Research in Science, Engineering and Technology   unpublished
Self Sustainable operation is one of the most significant concerns in today"s low power electronics for smart environments namely IOT. The periodical replacement of the batteries apparently is practically impossible and cost consuming. Hence, the present challenge is to develop the energy harvesting systems which are smaller in size compared to the wireless sensor devices and increased signal reception efficiency. Energy harvesting is a conversion process of the ambient energy into electrical
more » ... ergy. This paper aims to design a self-sustainable Metamaterial inspired Compact open split Ring resonator Antenna for GSM 900 band(940 MHz) and GSM 1800 band which harvests the RF Energy fields of the bands from cellular towers and utilizes the captured RF energy to power IOT devices. The system consists of the metamaterial inspired open split ring resonator antenna, 8-stages voltage multiplier modules, low power IOT device. The subsystems have been developed, fabricated and characterized in an anechoic chamber. This proposed prototype can efficiently charge the energy storing devices like super capacitor. In order to power up the wireless sensor networks of Internet of things and low power Mobile electronics