eTourism strategic and tactical impacts of information communication technologies for tourism

Dimitrios Buhalis
ICTs stimulate radical changes in the operation, distribution and structure of the tourism industry. The proliferation of technology throughout the tourism distribution channels essentially means that both consumers and professionals use the newly available tools in order to retrieve information, identify suitable products and perform reservations. ICTs will increasingly determine the ability of principles to distribute their product efficiently and to communicate interactively with their
more » ... ly with their clientele. ICTs can introduce great benefits to the efficiency, differentiation, cost reduction and response time of tourism organisations. Should tourism principals neglect the significance of ICTs in their distribution function, they will effectively jeopardise their competitiveness and become marginalised.
doi:10.34624/rtd.v0i1.14311 fatcat:6ahh54xxhfh5poirzi6wl2cghe