Double Peak Current Limiting Properties of Series Connection-Type SFCL with Two Magnetic Paths
두 개의 자속경로를 갖는 직렬연결형 초전도한류기의 이중 피크전류제한 특성

Seok-Cheol Ko, Tae-Hee Han, Sung-Hun Lim
2014 Journal of the Korean Institute of Illuminating and Electrical Installation Engineers  
We proposed a series connection-type superconducting fault current limiter(SFCL) using E-I core that can prevent the internal magnetic flux generation of cores during normal operation, and prevent the saturation of cores due to a sudden magnetic flux generation at the initial stage of fault occurrence while limiting the peak current. Through a short-circuit simulation experiment, we analyzed the operating status of the two superconducting elements and limiting characteristics according to the
more » ... according to the size of the fault current peak before and after the failure. Further, the double peak current limiting characteristics according to the winding directions as well as the current and the voltage of each coil were compared and analyzed.
doi:10.5207/jieie.2014.28.7.062 fatcat:virsi55fgra6zbygfti7hkhtdy