Classical Teichmüller theory and (2+1) gravity

Riccardo Benedetti, Enore Guadagnini
1998 Physics Letters B  
We consider classical Teichmuller theory and the geodesic flow on the cotangent bundle of the Teichmuller space. We show that the corresponding orbits provide a canonical description of certain (2+1) gravity systems in which a set of point-like particles evolve in universes with topology S_g x R where S_g is a Riemann surface of genus g >1. We construct an explicit York's slicing presentation of the associated spacetimes, we give an interpretation of the asymptotic states in terms of measured
more » ... liations and discuss the structure of the phase spaces.
doi:10.1016/s0370-2693(98)01156-3 fatcat:r6ejpfzr7fbbtk4col5xnguqwa