Alleviating the crosstalk effect via a fine-moulded light-blocking matrix for colour-converted micro-LED display with a 122% NTSC gamut

Yongming Yin, Zhiping Hu, Muhammad Umair Ali, Miao Duan, Yongwei Wu, Ming Liu, Wenxiang Peng, Jun Hou, Dongze Li, Xin Zhang, Hong Meng
2022 Light: Advanced Manufacturing  
Introduction Micrometre-scale light-emitting diode (micro-LED) [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] displays have attracted significant interest owing to their exciting features, such as high brightness and contrast ratio, low power consumption, and prolonged lifetime [9] [10] [11] . In 2021, Ji et al. comprehensively summarised the progress and future
doi:10.37188/lam.2022.036 fatcat:6zfozh6m3bgyhf36bu7dws63ze