Climate (Rainfall) changes awareness assessments of food crop farmers in parts of South-Eastern, Nigeria

Afangideh Ai, Williams Jj, Anita Philip, Eyolade Iyiade
2017 National Journal of Advanced Research Online   unpublished
The study broadly examined the level of understanding or awareness of the changing nature of the annual rainfall regime, as a precondition for informed response action by peasant farmers in the study area. The study methods consisted of the identification of the estimated six thousand (6,000) study population across three states in South Eastern Nigeria namely; Abia, Akwa Ibom and Cross River. A sample of one thousand five hundred (1,500) farming households of fifty (50) years and above in age
more » ... s and above in age at least half of which in farm business, was drawn across study area with the multi-stage probability sampling design. A wells structured close and open-ended measurement instrument consisting mainly Likert-type questionnaire items to measure the respondents knowledge of sets of rainfall change stresssors and/or stimuli was administered equally, among the sixty farming communities selected. Finally twenty-five (25) farming households were randomly served from each of the farming communities making up the sampling seize. The five response stressors are the change in quantity (amount), change in duration, change in frequency, change in intensity and the change in geographical spread. Descriptive statistics comprising the calculation of the mean, percentages and rankings as well as the non-parametric chi-square confirmatory goodness of fit tests are utilized in the analyses of the data and statistical testing for objective conclusions.