Reservoir Characterization of the B-Interval of Lower Goru Formation, Miano 9 and 10, Miano area, Lower Indus Basin, Pakistan

Mehmood Raza, Fawad Khan, Muhammad Khan, Muhammad Riaz, Umair Khan
2020 Environmental and Earth Sciences Research Journal  
In order to get a higher success rate and a small number of wells for development, the reservoir characterization was carried out using seismic, Petrophysical and rock physics data in the B-interval of Miano 9 and 10, Miano area, Lower Indus Basin, Pakistan. For this purpose, at first, the wells and shot points of seismic lines were located on a base map. Then, the horizons were marked on seismic sections and further interpreted on the Time Depth (TD) charts. Moreover, a synthetic seismogram
more » ... hetic seismogram relaying the seismic and well data was made. In addition, different Petrophysical parameters were calculated using well logs and the geological properties of rocks were related with the corresponding elastic and seismic properties in analyzing the rock physics. The study indicates that the area is deformed by horst and graben structure in subsurface and lateral extents of faults were marked by fault polygons. The higher hydrocarbon saturation, porosity and permiability as determined through well logs and the low elastic properties calculated through rock physics in B-interval of Miano 9 and 10 indicate a good potential zone of Hydrocarbon. The finding of this research work is useful to understand the subsurface geology and hydrocarbon potential of the area.
doi:10.18280/eesrj.070103 fatcat:rt4s4ho25jgsjdfs4o63qr2b6q